DNR fishing report – Week ending Sept. 26, 2018

DES MOINES – The following is the weekly fishing report for southeast Iowa lakes and rivers from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the week ending Sept. 26.

Big Hollow Lake
The unstable weather isn’t helping the fishing or the number of anglers out on the lake.  Black Crappie – No Report: Start looking for crappies in 6 feet of water. Bluegill – No Report: Bluegills should be moving in to more shallow water soon. Start at 6 feet and work your way in from there.

Deep Lakes
Grab a pole and go exploring at Deep Lakes; there are lots of ponds to try. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Most of the ponds have good numbers of bass in them; most are smaller, but there are some big ones. Go subtle in your choice of lures with the ultra-clear water. Bluegill – Good: Find the right pond and you can catch some nice bluegills.

Iowa River (Columbus Junction to Mississippi River)
The Iowa River still has a lot of flow right now, but is currently back down in its bank with only some low area flooding; it looks to be headed back up.

Lake Belva Deer
Water warmed up over the last days to around 78 degrees again. The cooler weather forecast should reverse that trend. Black Crappie – Fair: Last week was pretty slow;  crappie should start biting again with the water getting back to normal and cooling off. Channel Catfish – Fair: Should still be able to pick up a few catfish up by the inlet from the marsh. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Picking up a few bass in the more shallow water up along the rocks and gravel bottom areas.

Lake Darling
The water temperature is back up to about 79 degrees. Water clarity is improving despite more heavy rains earlier this week. Fishing, while still pretty good, is a little more hit and miss due to the weather.  Bluegill – Good: Decent numbers of hand-sized bluegills are being caught in 5 or less feet of water. Water still hasn’t cleared up after last week’s heavy rains. So a little flash to any lure is a good idea. Channel Catfish – Good: Anglers continue to catch catfish. It’s a good time to fish the weirs in the in-lake silt dams as the water from the recent and forecast rains come into the lake. Largemouth Bass – Good: Bass are hovering over the rock piles in about 5-8 feet of water. Spinnerbaits and spoons work best.

Lost Grove Lake
Water temperature was 78 degrees on Wednesday; the storm may have cooled it off more since then. Black Crappie – Fair: Anglers are still catching crappies out deep, but if the nights stay fairly cool, they should start to move in to shallower water. Largemouth Bass – Good: Run your favorite crankbait on the north side of the lake, out along the mounds on the flats and in shallow.

Skunk River (Coppock to Mississippi River)
The Skunk River is back down to about 1/2 bank full. The parking areas and lanes to them are still muddy.

For more information on the above lakes and rivers, call the Lake Darling Fisheries Office at 319-694-2430.

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