Jenkins leads “Beat the Editor” bracket challenge


FORT MADISON – Results for the first two rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament have been tabulated for the “Beat the Editor” Challenge.

It seems the Vandy5000 Frackometer needs an oil change.

PCC Editor Chuck Vandenberg stands at 88 points with 22 correct picks in the first round and only 11 of 16 correct in the 2nd round.

Noah Jenkins of Belmont, Wisconsin leads the way with 101 points with 25 correct picks in round 1 and 14 correct picks in Round 2.

Other players with more points than the editor include Jason Parrott and Todd Guzman each with 98 points. Bobby Holtkamp and Ryan Wilson each have 94 points after two rounds. Carol Arnold has 92 points, followed by Sarah Clendineng with 90, and Brenda Graham is in a tie with Vandenberg at 88.

The most missed game in the bracket so far was the UC Irvine game. Only three players correctly picked that game, including the editor.

The closest to the editor but trailing are Chad Ward and Steve Ireland with 86 each.

Vandenberg has been known to win with the final two rounds. And he is the only one of those listed above to have selected North Carolina to win the title in a Michigan St – North Carolina championship game.

Just sayin’

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