“Chronicles of Fort Madison” in second printing


FORT MADISON – The “Chronicles of Fort Madison” was so well received in December that the author Dr. John Hansman agreed to have a second printing and the books arrived at the North Lee County Historic Center in the Old ATSF Depot last week.

This second printing was made possible from large grant from the Sheaffer Foundation and assisted by funds from the North Lee County Historical Society.

The first printing of 300 books sold out within a week in December, prompting the historical society to gather 300 more names of area residents and past residents of Fort Madison area and convince Hansman to allow the group to raise funds for a second printing.

It took a couple months but 400 “Chronicles of Fort Madison” are now available for purchase at the Historic Center.

About forty copies were mailed out Saturday to many who have prepaid, with postage, and they should receive the books later this week.

Andy Andrews, president of the North Lee County Historical Society said the book is probably the greatest history book of the Fort Madison area published since the 1887 Lee County History book.

Other than the 302 that preordered the book at $60.00 the going price now is $65 plus postage of $10 if mailed by the society. Andrews said all books may be sold by 2020 if not earlier.

Extra volunteers have been recruited by the society to assist with the distribution this week.

The museum is open 7 days a week from 10 am-4pm Monday thru Saturday and noon-4 pm on Sundays and survives on donations from visitors and membership dues of $25.00 per year. The Society cares for four buildings in the depot complex, the 1887 Old Lee County Jail, Brush College along Augusta Road and the War of 1812 National Register Battlefield site at 4th & Avenue H.

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