FMCH, Pilot Grove donate to fireworks campaign

Shelby Burchett, COO of Fort Madison Community Hospital presents a check for $1,000 to Fort Madison Partners Executive Director Tim Gobble for the group's annual fireworks campaign. Courtesy photo


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Partners is currently $8,000 away from it’s $20,000 fundraising goal for the 2019 Light up the Sky 4th of July campaign.

Tim Gobble, the executive director of the group said he hopes that donations continue to come so the group can meet the goal between now and July 4th, and again provide one of the best fireworks displays in the area.

“It has been stated Fort Madison has had the best firework displays in our region and we would like to maintain that status,” Gobble said.

“J&S Displays has always provided our community with the best options for the funds we have available, and we’re really happy to continue our great working relationship. If the community is willing and able to help support this event, please contact the Fort Madison Partners office at 319-372-5471 as we would love to reach the goal and continue the fantastic displays we’ve all come accustomed to”.

All donations of any amount help reach the goal. Those donating $1,000 or more will be eligible for a photograph that will be run in local news outlets.

Pilot Grove Savings Bank recently donated $1,000 to the Light up the Sky 4th of July campaign underway by the Fort Madison Partners. Pictured are Justin Menke, Assistant Vice President: Melissa Flowers, Marketing Director; Diane Huddleson, Branch manager; and Tim Gobble of Fort Madison Partners

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