Rotary at $95,000, just 5% short of Central Park goal


FORT MADISON – A $100K in 100 days fundraiser has ticked a bit over the 100 days, but officials with Fort Madison’s Rotary Club said the group is just five grand short of its goal.

“We kicked off our $100,000 campaign for the Central Park Project back in March, and while we came very close to the goal in 100 days we are still short by a very minimal amount,” said Rotary President Heather Huebner.

“Currently we sit at $94,891.  We are going to try and close the gap in the next couple of weeks, so there is still time to donate to this great cause. We are looking to start working on the bandstand updates this fall after the Summer Concert series wrap up.”

Residents, businesses, and industries can help finish the fundraiser by donating in either one of the two following ways.

Option #1 – write a check out to the D6000 HEF (Humanitarian Educational Foundation) Fund which will result in a tax donation letter.  This is the route that would need to be taken if a tax letter is requested – minimum amount is $250 for a letter in accordance to the IRS standards. Checks can be written out to D6000 HEF and sent to:
Fort Madison Rotary Club
PO Box 100
Fort Madison, IA 52627

You can also make an online donation through a portal provided by Pen City Current at All funds donated through this link will be given directly to Fort Madison Rotary and transaction fees are donated by Pen City Current.

The Rotary Club uses its annual Picnic in the Park to feed the maintenance and upkeep piggy bank, but with the group coming up on its 100th year in 2020, it decided a larger campaign could help with some much needed improvements in the park.

This year’s fundraising was more important as city officials found termite damage to the band shell. Those repairs to the shell, including repainting, will cost close to $20,000. The club would also like to put new lights in the park at a $30,000 price tag as well as refurbish the Statue of Liberty replica at a projected cost of $12,000. The rest of the money would be held for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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