Driver shortage prompts busing changes at FMSCD


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison school officials are revamping busing plans for the upcoming school year due to a shortage of bus drivers.

A letter was published on the district’s Facebook page on Monday indicating the district will fall back on Iowa Code that stipulates transportation be offered for elementary or middle school students living two or more miles from their respective schools and high school students living more than three miles from the high school.

The restrictions also apply to day care centers. According to the letter, “A family must first qualify for district transportation before qualifying for transportation to a daycare facility.”

A state licensed daycare facility must be 2.0 miles away from an elementary or middle school and 3.0 miles away from a high school in order for district transportation to be provided to qualified families.

“We understand and are sensitive to the recent transportation challenges,” Dr. Erin Slater wrote in an email this Tuesday morning.

“Prior staffing levels have allowed the district to drop below state code transportation guidelines and use 1.8 miles instead of 2.0 miles for K-8 and drop below 3.0 for high school for past years.  Current staffing levels no longer allow the district to drop below state code guidelines.”

Repeated attempts to reach district Transportation Director Richard Hand were unsuccessful Tuesday morning.

2 thoughts on “Driver shortage prompts busing changes at FMSCD

  1. Besides the fact noone wants to work,alot of those who might apply for this job smoke weed or drink alot of alcohol or both.not exactly the best to be driving school busses.That or like most around here do not like the superintendent and would rather not be employed by her incase she has another family member to favor…

  2. Fort madison scool district- “lets build a very crappy and expensive school on the outskirts of town and then not have a way for the kids to get there.”

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