Pastor who paddled Mississippi revisiting area


DIAMONDHEAD, Miss. – In 2000, Rev. Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Schumm paddled the length of the Mississippi River and included a stop in Fort Madison, IA.

This fall he is reliving his journey – this time not in a canoe – but on land (in his camper) following the Great River Road from Lake Itasca to Louisiana. The Paddlin’ Pastor will be stopping by The Elliott Test Kitchen, 807 Ave G. in Fort Madison on Sunday, September 15th at 3:00 p.m. to talk about his recently released book: PASS THE PADDLE: Mississippi Dreamin’ Come Hell or High Water.

He invites local residents to join him in his journey and ask questions about his river adventure.

The book is Jerry’s memoir of his journey down the Mississippi River. It is the story of how his life-long dream to canoe the length of the river became a reality. It was an excursion like no other. Jerry never paddled alone.

Friends and family members signed up to journey sections of the river. A ceremonial paddle was passed from one canoeist to the next – a giant relay. One man, one canoe, 19 friends, one majestic river.

The book provides a day-by-day documentation of the Mississippi River voyage from the headwaters at Lake Itasca to New Orleans. It also is the story of family, friendship, spirituality, and the goodness of folks met along the way. More importantly, it is the tale of a man who has the qualities needed to actualize a life-long dream: Jerry Schumm has a positive attitude, is persistent, and is patient.

The book is relevant for outdoor adventurers, young and old, planning an extended excursion. Through this memoir of a “Paddlin’ Pastor,” readers will learn the importance of building relationships, dreaming big and planning meticulously, and having the personal persistence and support from community to overcome inevitable hurdles.

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