Letter to the Editor – Mohrfeld for Mayor


Matt Mohrfeld for Mayor of Fort Madison:

I am writing this letter to the editor in support of Matt Mohrfeld running for Mayor.  I know Matt both personally and professionally and I believe he has what it takes to keep this city moving in the right direction.  Personally, Matt coached both of my sons on swim team and he always knew how to pull out the best in each one of them.  They are both VERY different and he took enough time to get to know them, and adjust his coaching style, to help them be more successful.

Matt puts wellness at the forefront of all he does.  He does this for himself, his business, and he will continue to for this city.  He supports the efforts of PORT (Promoting Outdoor Recreational Trails-to which I am the committee chair of).  He actually has credit for being in the first meeting where we talked about our big dreams of connecting to Burlington in the north and Keokuk in the south.  We had to harness our dreams and start small, and Matt helped us to do that!  A few years later and we have 1 mile worth of a trail and the money granted to complete a third phase connecting to our hospital’s outdoor walking track. 

Matt has great vision and follows through on his promises.  I support Matt Mohrfeld for Mayor and I hope you will join me!

Rachel Benda

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor – Mohrfeld for Mayor

  1. You said it, “he does for himself and his buisness”.
    We need someone to be mayor that has no conflicts of interest.most our counsil and mayor have been doing for themselves and their businesses too much.we need someone that do for our town..
    Vote out entitlement.
    Vote for the future of our town.
    Noveember 5th

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