Mohrfeld is suited for the job – Letter to the Editor


I fully support, Matt Mohrfeld in the mayoral race for Fort Madison.

Matt Mohrfeld has chosen to make Fort Madison home for his family and his very successful and growing business because he believes in our city.  

Now he wants to serve as our mayor. I, for one, cannot think of anyone more suited to the job. 

In discussion with Matt, he stated that it is important for a mayor to bring cohesiveness to all city departments along with the city council so that the citizens of Fort Madison receive effective services.  

The mayor is the face and voice of a community and I believe that Matt with his business experience, time spent as a county supervisor and his knowledge of our town is that person and leader.

I have known Matt for many years and he has become a proponent of health and wellness.  He lives his life in that manner and encourages the same mindset in others.  I believe that he will carry these same principles into the health, wellness and continued longevity of our city through his look to the future while respecting the past.  He has visions of improvement. 

Elections are only a few days away, and we deserve a say in who runs our city. Voting for Matt Mohrfeld is a vote for each of us and Fort Madison.

Dianne Hope
Fort Madison, Iowa  

1 thought on “Mohrfeld is suited for the job – Letter to the Editor

  1. Our only hope is that the people of fort madison gets out and vote for joe helmick.we cant elect “mayor quimby” and his entitled friends and family to take control of our city.
    Vote out the entitled with conflicts of interests…

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