Fort Madison needs steady rational leadership – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

If I was a smart businessperson I would stay out of local politics, no matter what you do you could alienate a portion of the population. I guess I’ve never been too bright because I believe the future of my family’s home city are more important than my financial goals.
When I saw that Jerry Hamelton was running for city council, I realized I did not know him or anything about him. I saw a post on social media about a land deal that I had some knowledge of, so I entered a discussion. At first I thought he was uninformed, but found that he knew the facts but chose to misrepresent them. In subsequent discussions I have found him to be angry, vindictive and by no means the type of person we need on council. I have heard people say he is passionate, to be passionately wrong or passionately unreasonable are not leadership qualities to be embraced. After railing against Golf Carts and ATVs at a recent council meeting, he stormed from the room before council was to discuss one of the biggest road expenditures in our history. What we saw was not a leader but a boy taking his bat and going home.
I therefore choose to select Kevin Rink as the community servant and steady hand that Fort Madison needs for At Large City Council. If anybody cares I also see Matt Mohrfeld as the experienced hand we need as mayor and Rebecca Bowker as the best choice for first ward. I can promise you those are the most Democrats I have ever endorsed

Tom Schulz,
Fort Madison

5 thoughts on “Fort Madison needs steady rational leadership – Letter to the Editor

  1. If you want to classify speaking the truth is angry you bet. I am angry, and I believe the entire town is angry. You may keep attacking me and slinging all the mud you would like. I will continue to speak the truth and speak for the people not people who are my friends that enrich each other. If you believe this town is going in the right direction please vote the same ole same ole in. If you believe raising taxes and enriching our friends is the direction we need to continue on by all means vote the people Tom suggests

    time to go vote.
    Vote out the entitled.
    Vote for the future of fort madison iowa USA
    Vote for joe helmick

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