Regional Port Authority releases new 5-year plan


BURLINGTON – The Southeast Iowa Regional and Economic Port Authority (SIREPA) has released its updated five-year strategic plan.

“The new plan has brought together stakeholders in Lee County to identify likely areas and projects where SIREPA can have the largest impact”, stated Denise Boyer of Hall Towing and SIREPA chairperson. 

SIREPA is one of two port authorities in Iowa formed under Iowa Code, Chapter 28J. These port authorities have many more capabilities than just assisting to develop water-borne ports. Port Authorities are tax-exempt that can compliment economic development and infrastructure projects by lowering the cost of ownership and borrowing.   

Keokuk, Fort Madison and Lee County jointly formed the port authority in 2006.   To date, SIREPA has been engaged in land preparation for economic development projects, key infrastructure investment planning, engagement with economic development prospects and land bank planning and development.

Primary strategies for future projects outline in the new strategic plan include: Supporting the Lee County Joint Education Center efforts through infrastructure assistance; Identify broadband expansion opportunities in Lee County; Increase work with partners to create new economic opportunities, specifically with land banking and infrastructure development.   

The full strategic plan can be found at:

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