Letter to the Editor – Cutting out Lee County Ambulance will hurt the county


Dear Editor;

Lee County EMS service has been here for so long and it feels like the county just wants to say bye and turn their backs on them on us and find a cheaper route. What about all of us who have given time up with our families to be here who have worked through this pandemic risking getting sick just so the county can say thanks but we are going to go with these people because they gave the right number a lower number a number that we can’t refuse. EMS it’s more than that it’s more than a number it’s more than just having any service and anyone come and fill the boots we do everyday. AMR they don’t know us Lee County EMS and we don’t know them, but what I do know is that communities stick together and right now it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like when asking for help or saying what we need is too much and that we are not a priority. There are ways to get money to help Lee County EMS and keep the community whole but without Lee County EMS you cut a part of the community. I don’t know about you but we have pride and people know us when they see Lee County EMS that will all change when an outsider comes and people see AMR. Lee County EMS may not be the best, but I can tell you that we are a family that when it comes to a call we put our heart into those calls to help your loved ones. We are not just a service that goes to the lowest bidder because we are family and families are supposed to stick together in good times and bad just like a marriage. So Lee County has had some problems, but that doesn’t mean you just trade us in for a newer, younger model. We give our blood sweat and tears into this job into this company for what – to be told we don’t have a voice – to be told that we are just a item that goes wherever? No we have a right to stand up for what we believe in and stand for. Let me ask you, How would you or they the people feel if we just all walked out and said screw it we aren’t gonna work anymore cuz it will happen with AMR. How would they feel if the council had emergency at the next meeting and called 911 and nobody answered or nobody came. That could very well happen with AMR. But with Lee County we were asked to keep coming to work even though we didn’t know where the money was coming from or if their would be a check. We did it out of respect we did it for the people we did it because it’s what we do. And how are we thanked by pushing us out the door for someone else. I think this needs to be thought out a little more before you all decide on AMR. I thank you for your time and hearing me on this matter and pray that you all make the right choice and not one that you regret 6 months down the road.

Dustin Sperry,

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