Old Settlers group resets 20th-year events to 2021

FORT MADISON – The COVID-19 virus has brought a lot of concern for the older generation, children playing on park equipment, and large group social distancing possibilities in general. 

With these in mind, the Old Settlers Association officers met May 3 and decided to re-schedule their 20th year celebration of free music concerts until June, July, and August of 2021. 

It was a very difficult decision, but safety of our patrons is most important.  All of the musical groups (“Switchback “ from Woodstock, Illinois, “Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50’s” from Des Moines, and “River City 6” from the Quad Cities)  are all being re-scheduled for next summer.   

This has been a difficult year to be an on-the-road musician.  All stated they are excited to celebrate our 20th year – even if it takes another year to do so.  

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