FM man captured after Monday chase


Editor’s Note: Story updated to show suspect was captured at about 11:25 p.m. walking along Hwy 2 eastbound


FORT MADISON – Area law enforcement captured a Fort Madison man late Monday night in connection with a high-speed chase Monday afternoon.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies and Fort Madison police were looking for Adrian Garcia, who allegedly led a Fort Madison police officer from the city’s west side up Highway 2 at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said deputies responded to the call of a suspected drunk driver who had wrecked his car in the yard of a home in the 2400 block of Highway 2.

“He ended up going off the road where there was a line of cars backed up due to the construction going on there,” Weber said. “And we have reports he was going well over 100 mph through the area by Appleberry and that’s a dangerous, dangerous spot.”

Weber said neighbors in the area were aware of the chase after reading Facebook posts about the search for the man and were locked up when deputies got to the homes.

Deputies borrowed four wheelers to look for Garcia and also employed a FLIR Drone (Forward Looking InfraRed) but Weber said it was too hot in the evening for the sensor to be effective. They were going to run the drone again in the evening when it cooled off.

“He’s gonna be held accountable for what he did and that’ll start with an initial court appearance in front of a judge and we’re gonna make those arrangements for him,” Weber said.

Weber said the suspect may have gotten into the heavily wooded areas on along Highway 2 and was successful at eluding law enforcement.

7 thoughts on “FM man captured after Monday chase

  1. This guy is constantly in trouble with the law. Wonder why he always gets out of it? My neighbor catches him on camera in the alley day and night looking for stuff to steal. Sad what some people choose to do with their lives.

    1. Its not just this person.we have a crew of riff raff homeless methies pushing their obviously stolen grocery carts and bikes with trailers around town.
      I dont understand how a person that has been drinking alcohol can go to jail for public intoxication but people hyped up on meth can do anything and go anywhere they want.they are on every street, in every store and gas station HIGH ON METH………

      1. Tommy you are exactly right! I see these people all over Lee County and I hope the police do too. I hope law enforcement can come up with more funds to combat the meth epidemic that has ravaged Lee County for the past several decades!

    1. FM is worse than Keokuk. Our local economy is well behind Keokuk’s and they keep building while we lay stagnant with mostly temp jobs that have little money or benefits. We throw money away at a failed downtown that creates little revenue. Local government has been failing the people for a long time! We will see how these fresh faces do without n the next few years.

  2. Dont worry im very sure 99% of us in this town do not want our police “defunded” and support them and all they do.they have alot to deal with.i wouldnt want to imagine life without them…..
    We all need to say “Thank you F.M.P.D.”

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