LCHD says holding 2020 Rodeo is “ill-advised”


FORT MADISON – Lee County Board of Health has a responsibility to address the health concerns of Lee County citizens and is taking the position that large scale events planned in 2020, such as the Tri-State Rodeo, and rodeo parade, are ill-advised. Based on known evidence of how COVID-19 spreads among mass gatherings of people, along with the high risks associated with community spread of COVID-19 from travelers coming in from highly infectious areas across the United States, the board believes that the harmful health impact on our county citizens attending these events could be substantial. Increases in COVID-19 related illnesses and even death could result and affect our population health for months to come. The Board of Health recommends canceling of these events out of concern for the health and safety of all community members. Should these events move forward, the Board of Health strongly encourages citizens to protect themselves and others and avoid mass gatherings and crowds while this virus is still highly active and spreading across the United States.


Dr. David Wenger-Keller, Lee County Board of Health Medical Director
Dr. Phil Caropreso, Lee County Board of Health Member
Judy Bartachek, Lee County Board of Health Chair
Paula Spiekermeier, Lee County Board of Health Member
Heather Ballew, Lee County Board of Health Member

Tri-State Rodeo Chairman Tony Johnson declined to comment on the statement when contacted Thursday.

3 thoughts on “LCHD says holding 2020 Rodeo is “ill-advised”

  1. The rodeo should be cancelled this year. How many local residents will be infected and possibly die from people coming from all over the country. Would be very foolish. Listen to the experts.

  2. Sounds like a great way to ensure a massive covid19 outbreak in Lee County. Bring in cowboys from Texas and Arizona where the virus is rampant and thousands of visitors from all over the country. Real intelligent decision. Not

    1. 34 raceway just had racers from all over the country with a packed house in desmoines county and we havent heard about any massive outbreak.that was 2 weeks ago.

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