Lee County hits 65 positive COVID-19 cases

County has a 2.6% positive rate on tests compared to state’s 9.3%


LEE COUNTY – The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Lee County Health Department have identified two additional cases of COVID-19 in the county, one child and one adult who are currently in isolation. This makes 65 confirmed cases in Lee County to date with 45 cases reported as recovered.
Health officials encourage interested residents to access the Iowa Coronavirus website at https://coronavirus.iowa.gov if interested in county testing data, confirmed case counts, and other useful information.
According to the website, the state has seen two of the top five days in positive case reporting in the past 10 days. On July 10th 688 positive tests were reported and on July 16th, 663 positive tests were confirmed in the state. Those two trail April 29th when 804 tests came back positive, May 26 – 803, and April 23 – 727. Five of the last six days have showns a decline in positive numbers.
The state tracks a rolling 14-day total, which is the high line of the infection period. That total was at its lowest point since April 23 on June 17 at 3,893. Since that day, the state has seen an upswing that hit 6,229 on Wednesday.
Lee County has confirmed nine additional positive tests since July 15 out of 65 total reports. Lee County is showing a 2.6% positive rate, compared to a statewide figure of 9.3% positive.
LCHD wants to remind everyone of the recommended safety measures in place that can help reduce the spread of this active virus that continues to infect individuals in our county. These safety measures include:
•Maintaining at least a six-foot physical distance apart from others outside your home.
•Wearing a face covering especially when social distancing is not feasible.
•Staying home when ill away from others or if tested positive for COVID-19
•Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow/upper arm.
•Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if necessary.
•Disinfecting common touch surfaces
•Seeking medical guidance when there are health concerns
Those with pre-existing health conditions or those 65+ years of age should continue limiting their activities outside their home to reduce possible exposures.
Lee County Health Department website, www.leecountyhd.org, and their Facebook page, will continue to be updated with information as well.

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