Partners urges everyone to help keep us safe – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

As we move forward into 2021 amid the COVID-19 shadow, we must do our part to make sure those around us are safe. The Fort Madison Partners urges everyone to help flatten the curve. Our local hospital staff are beyond overworked but continue to provide the care we need here in SE Iowa. In a one month period, (according to the Lee County Health Dept. November 2-December 2) our numbers jumped from 1,104 (13.1%) to 2,162 (18.3%) positive cases. And, unfortunately, we’ve seen obituaries for friends, relatives, and colleagues that have passed away due to COVID-related issues.

Fort Madison Community Hospital, Lee County EMT’s and Fort Madison first responders are working around the clock, and have been for months- without a real end in sight. We all owe it to them to do our part to help alleviate the stress this pandemic is placing on our healthcare system. It begins with the choices we all make on a daily basis. The strain this is placing on those we rely on to keep us safe is real. There is a true concern about being able to care for the non-COVID patients if the hospital is at capacity with COVID patients.  Over the last 30 days they have been at patient capacity with their current staffing. They are seeing patients who are sicker and need more acute care. There is a genuine concern about numbers increasing as we head into the holidays. 

It has been recommended by County, State and Federal agencies that to help slow this spread, we must take responsibility for not only ourselves but those around us. Take into account your surroundings when entering an establishment or attending a function- social distancing is a must. Mask up when you are in close contact with others. Carry that bottle of hand sanitizer with you and use it after leaving an establishment, handling money or something someone else touched (carts, key pads, door handles, etc.). It doesn’t take a lot to protect yourself or those around you if you are mindful of what you’re doing. This pandemic doesn’t have a political side- it doesn’t care if you’re a republican, democrat or independent.

We are encouraging all to do their part and make the choice to help yourself and others. Help keep us all safe.

Tim Gobble,
Fort Madison Partner, Executive Director

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