FM Beautification group looking for input

FORT MADISON – The Fort Madison Beautification Foundation is a new 501c3 nonprofit corporation that was established in 2020 as a catalyst for change in the area of community aesthetics.

The small group of determined volunteers desires to collaborate with other organizations to beautify, restore, and revitalize the greater Fort Madison area to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

In the group’s first year we have taken steps to improve the downtown pocket park. The old gazebo was removed which was replaced by an airy pergola, the landscaping was refreshed, the benches were given new life and trash containers were replaced. Wi-Fi has also been installed for people using the park.

The group is now looking for information from the public on what future steps to take and input on the ongoing work.

Those willing to offer opinions in a quick survey are encouraged to do so before March 10 at the following Survey Monkey link.

 If you’d like to get actively involved with efforts of the group, contact Tim Gobble at  You can also make a tax deductible contribution by clicking Donate Now.  or by sending a check to FMBF 614 7th Street, Fort Madison, IA 52627.

6 thoughts on “FM Beautification group looking for input

  1. Just pulling weeds out of the public sidewalks and picking up trash would be a start on beautification. Drove a person thru FM who hadn’t seen the town since the late 80s and their response was “WTF happened!?!?”. There are bright spots but the older parts of town in particular are beyond shabby.

  2. Thats funny, I drove with someone who hadnt been in fort madison since the 80’s too but this persons response was “WTF they still haven’t fixed these roads?!?”

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