Stimulus money meant to stimulate economy – Letter to the Editor


Several weeks ago, a man wrote that he did not need the stimulus payment. Therefore, he would save it for his grandchildren since he believes they will be the ones paying for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
I am not sure how much money he set aside for his grandchildren to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations we saw passed a few years ago, but I am going to guess it was zero.
What this gentleman, and I am sure many like him, fail to understand is clearly stated in the name of the payments and how that relates to their role in the Act itself. It is as if we are on a sinking ship and everyone is given a bucket to help us stay afloat while we head toward shore, but some have decided not to use their buckets.
Their reasons really do not matter, whether it be they do not like who handed them the bucket or they think it is a bad idea.
The result is it will take more work by everyone else to keep the boat afloat. What does that say about those people smugly sitting with idle buckets?
The letter writer’s stimulus check is intended to s-t-i-m-u-l-a-t-e the economy. The money he received was sent to him with the idea that he would use it to support his local economy and give it a much needed boost. Obviously, as this man was quick to point out, he is fortunate enough to not be in dire or even tight circumstances. I am happy for him.
Others with his income, especially those who are not retired or who live in states with higher costs of living, might have different circumstances.
How could a man in need of nothing stimulate the local economy? I am sure there are restaurants in town that would appreciate his business. He could buy gift cards at said restaurants to give to others as a thank you (teachers, law enforcement, healthcare providers) or to those who are struggling.
I am sure if he were to ask either the Humane Society or Animal Services, they might give him a list of supplies they need. I am sure funds are always needed for spay/neuter assistance. Teachers could undoubtedly come up with lists of items they need for their classrooms. Maybe he could add some color somewhere in town with a visit to a local greenhouse. Lydia’s House might have some needs. The same is true for the Talbot Center.
With school coming to a close, the schools might appreciate some new clothes to give to a few students so they have a fresh start for summer. An older person might need paint (and a painter) for their house. Again, the point was to stimulate the economy, to help our local businesses and employees, and boost our county and city treasuries. Hiding all the money away in a savings account does none of these things.

Mary Jo Riesberg,

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