Miller-Meeks gets behind FM marina project

This aerial view of the proposed $6 million Fort Madison marina concept shows the revamped jetty wall, covered and uncovered docks, parking, and the new hospitality center with the current park, shelter house and volleyball pits in Fort Madison. Courtesy image


FORT MADISON – Newly elected Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks informed city officials on Friday that she is going to propose the new Fort Madison marina project for federal stimulus funding.

Fort Madison Mayor Matt Mohrfeld said Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa 2nd) called him Friday to let him know that she is considering the project, which carries an initial price tag of $6 million, a top project on her list for funds earmarked out of the latest federal pandemic stimulus package.


“She called me and we talked about 20 minutes and she is bringing our marina project, as one of her 10, forward for the community projects that are going to the federal government for funding to the tune of $750,000.”

Mohrfeld said Miller-Meeks not only liked the project to bring forward, but was going to submit it for funding as one of her top projects.

He said that doesn’t guarantee funding, but as the list gets whittled down the marina project could hold up because it has the elements the government is looking for in projects to fund.

“If that comes through, that puts $750,000 into the project. We did make that application to be matched out. So we now go back to asking more big groups for money. But that’s okay. It’s more momentum and brings us closer to the trigger.” Mohrfeld said.

The project, which ultimately could carry a price tag as high as $11 million, will bring new docks, a new pier and a new hospitality center, initially. The committee spearheading the new facility is still meeting weekly to discuss funding options and updates.

The council signed an agreement with Klingner & Associates Tuesday for design services for dredging which is expected to begin in September. The cost of the design services could be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as part of it’s funding assistance with flood mitigation surrounding the marina area.

The contract with Klingner could run upwards of $52,000 including permit applications for county, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

The project will consist of removing sediment from the marina. Klingner & Associates will design a containment area for the sediment in Riverview Park. That will allow the sediment to dry in place and then it can be used to help raise the elevation of the park.

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