Bowker to challenge Graber for House seat


FORT MADISON – Another sitting Fort Madison Councilperson has announced intentions to run for higher office.

Fort Madison 1st Ward Councilwoman Rebecca Bowker announced Thursday morning that she will be challenging Martin Graber (R-Fort Madison) for the newly created 100th District, covering most of Lee County.

Bowker was elected to the City Council in 2019 and said she wants to continue to serve the people of Fort Madison, and Lee County, at the state level.

Bowker, a Democrat, said she had been approached by the Lee County Democrats earlier to run for the seat, but had some personal things to get buttoned down before making the decision.


“I’m proud to announce my campaign for House District 100,” Bowker said.

“In 1995, I made the move to Fort Madison as a single mom with my two year old son in tow.  Those first years were a challenge as I tried to provide the best home I could without any support system. However, as my son grew, life became a little easier. I made contacts, volunteered in the community, and found a routine to life that made earlier hardships distant memories. Now I want to serve that community in the State House and fight for working parents like me.”

She said the politics of the GOP on the national, state, and local levels just don’t work for Iowans.

“When we scaled back the rights of public workers in Iowa, that had a huge impact on workers. We need to raise the wages of teachers and take better care of them. We need to have the backs of our prison workers and law enforcement officers. And I’m sorry, but a $1,000 bonus just isn’t enough,” Bowker said.

She said she hopes Democrats aren’t in the minority after the 2022 elections, but said if that is the case, she said Democrats can gain traction at the State House by working across aisles to advance platforms that are good for Iowans as a whole.

“There are good people in the Republican party. We need to find ways through the disparity and reach across the aisles to get things done for all Iowans.”

Bowker is the Executive Officer at Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison and is also a very visible volunteer working to beautify Fort Madison, serving on the Fort Madison Housing Authority, and helping craft the Fort Madison Marina project. She also serves on the Historic ISP Non-Profit Executive Board.

Bowker grew up in rural Wisconsin in a working class family before relocating to Fort Madison to find new opportunities in order to provide her son with the best future possible. She said she recognized the value of education and decided to go back to school, taking college classes at night as well as online, while working full-time.

During that time, Bowker also was heavily involved in her son’s activities to include coaching and refereeing soccer. She has worked in the community for a local financial institution and now works for the Iowa State Penitentiary as the Executive Officer.

“I know what it’s like to work hard to support your family,” added Bowker. “And so do the families in House District 100. They deserve to have someone who’s going to work just as hard for them in the State House, putting aside divisive politics and working to deliver on the issues that matter most to them– issues like making quality healthcare more affordable, funding our public schools, and fighting to raise the minimum wage to make sure workers get paid what they deserve.”

She has two sons and spends her free time reading, running, and riding her bike enjoying the outdoor beauty of Lee County.

The filing period for the 2022 general election is March 7 to March 25 with a primary election set for June 7. The general election will take place on Nov. 1, 2022.

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  1. Oh God no.
    we do not need anymore anti American Democrats in your eyes people.they are destroying our country and most everyone knows it.
    Democrats do nothing for the American people.they are only concerned with foreigners,foriegn countries,windmills and welfare….Oh yeah and filling their pockets with our money.

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