Iowa Sec. of Ag candidate to make Lee County stops


LEE COUNTY – John Norwood, the Democratic candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture will have two meet and greets in Lee County on Saturday, May 21st. He will first stop at Sub Arena, 2805 Avenue L, Fort Madison, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. His second meet and greet will be at the Lost Canvas, 719 Main Street, Keokuk, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

He was elected Polk County Soil & Water Commissioner in 2018 with a three-priority platform of modernizing Iowa’s ag plumbing, fixing degraded soils, and diversifying what we grow and raise. As Secretary of Agriculture, John will work to diversify our rural and agricultural economies in ways that support soil health as we broaden what we grow and raise in response to severe weather, and animal and insect infestations. John believes Iowa should lead the world in sustainability.

Norwood was born in the Boston area and spent a decade in California, including a 3-year term as executive director of an agricultural land trust where he protected vital agricultural lands from development. John moved to Iowa in 2002 and focused his business skills in areas such as Iowa-based food production, specialty animal feeds, and community-based, manure fed renewable energy production. Since 2018, Norwood has mentored more than 30 small business owners. Norwood is known for his independent thinking, drawing the best ideas from across the political spectrum and seeing “people as neighbors, not adversaries.”

If you have any questions, call Mary Jo Riesberg, chair of the Lee County Democratic Party at 319-526-3160.

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