Primary election polling places set

Several changes from previous polling locations announced

LEE COUNTY – Lee County Auditor Denise Fraise announces polling sites (changes in bold) for the June 7th Primary Election.
FM Ward 1: Fort Madison City Hall – 811 Avenue E, Fort Madison.
FM Ward 2: McAleer Hall – 415 11th Street, Fort Madison.
FM Ward 3: Fort Madison Public Library – 1920 Ave E, Fort Madison.
FM Wards 4 A&B: Roling Hall – 2210 Avenue I, Fort Madison.
FM Ward 5 & Madison Twsp: Fort Madison Christian Church (previously Hillview Village) – 1029 48th Street, Fort Madison.
Franklin and Marion Townships & Cities of Donnellson, Franklin & St. Paul: Pilot Grove Savings Bank Community Room – 506 N. Main Street, Donnellson.
Cedar, Charleston, Harrison, Van Buren Townships & City of Houghton (Cedar, Harrison and the City of Houghton previously voted in Donnellson): Central Lee School District Administrative Building – 2642 Hwy 218, Donnellson.
Jefferson Township & addresses West of 243rd Ave up to Highway 218 & everything West of Highway 61 laying North of Highway 218 in Montrose Township: Lee County Conservation Center – 2652 Hwy 61, Montrose.
Addresses that lay West of Highway 61 & East of 243rd Ave in Montrose Township & City of Montrose: Ivor Fowler Center – 710 Main Street, Montrose.
Des Moines & Jackson Townships (Des Moines previously voted at Central Lee): Jackson Township Fire Station – 2416 340th Street, Keokuk.
Denmark, Green Bay, Pleasant Ridge, Washington Townships & Wever (Denmark and Pleasant Ridge previously voted in West Point): Wever Fire Station (previously Grace Bible Church) – 1692 354th Ave Wever.
West Point Township and City of West Point: West Point American Legion – 309 5th Street, West Point.
Keokuk Ward 1: South Lee Co. Courthouse – 25 N 7th Street, Keokuk.
Keokuk Wards 2 A&B: Heritage Center – 508 Main Street, Keokuk.
Keokuk Ward 3: Keokuk Public Library – 210 N 10th Street, Keokuk.
Keokuk Ward 4: Evangelical Free Church – 2315 S 7th Street, Keokuk.
Keokuk Ward 5: Keokuk Community School District Business Office – 500 N 20th Street Keokuk.
Keokuk Ward 6: First Christian Church – 3476 Main Street Keokuk.
Keokuk Ward 7: Keokuk Nazarene Church – 3116 Plank Road Keokuk.
Questions should be directed to Lee County Auditor’s Office at 319-372-3705 or

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