Cryotech reaches 30th year of deicing

Parent company of FM facility celebrated milestone in July


FORT MADISON – Cryotech Deicing Technology, a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, is celebrating 30 years of success and growth as a chemical manufacturer. Cryotech has a global presence and serves, most notably, the deicing and agricultural industries.
Beginning in 1992, Cryotech started with one pavement deicing product, Cryotech CMA®, and four founding employees.  With the success of CMA, the pavement deicing portfolio was expanded to include products certified for use on ramps and runways. Today, Cryotech is the North American market share leader for acetate-based liquid and solid pavement deicers into the aviation market.
Following achievements in the pavement deicing market, Cryotech expanded into aircraft deicing fluids.  Leveraging its knowledge of deicing chemicals and the aviation industry, Cryotech is proud to be the market share leader for propylene-glycol based aircraft deicing fluids in North America.
“The rapid growth, in multiple markets and industries, is gratifying and inspiring,” said Amy Munday, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cryotech.  “Our commitment to service has been a key differentiator and is only possible because of the dedication and ingenuity of the Cryotech staff and our partners.”
Cryotech looks to the future with optimism, continuing to focus efforts on diversification of the deicing portfolio with sustainable non-deicing product lines and expanded Fort Madison, IA facility utilization. Building on its acetate-based foundation, Cryotech is expanding into the agriculture market and has become a key supplier to the industry with multiple product offerings.
Cryotech employees celebrated the 30-year anniversary on July 14, 2022.  To pay it forward, employees will be encouraged to volunteer in upcoming community events as well as the Living Lands & Waters River Clean-up program.

About Cryotech
Cryotech Deicing Technology is a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, a San Diego based company specializing in defense and diversified technologies. Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway, commercial, and airside pavement deicers, as well as glycol-based aircraft deicers and lavatory fluids.  Each is considered safer for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life. Through business development, Cryotech is focused on diversification with sales and active exploration into non-deicing markets and facility utilization opportunities.


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