Fort Madison boys sweep four-way at Washington


McGowan, Smith join Gavin Wiseman as Hounds ranked in top 12 in Class 3A by IAWrestle


WASHINGTON - Fort Madison had seven wrestlers go 3-0 Thursday night at a four-team meet in Washington.

The most recent IAWrestle state rankings had three of the seven ranked in the top 12 in the state as the Hounds scored wins over Southeast Conference foe Washington 52-18, WACO 49-30, and Columbus/Winfield-Mt.Union/Lone Tree 57-21.

Gavin Wiseman went through the meet unblemished with a forfeit and two pins, both in under a minute. The senior is ranked 10th in the state in class 3A at 152 lbs.

Fellow senior Jakob McGowan popped into the top 12 at No. 11 in the 182 lb. class after the new year. McGowan, wrestling at 170 lbs all night, scored a fall over Washington's Summit Keith at 1:41 and won by forfeit in the Columbus/WMU/Lone Tree meet. He scored a 13-3 major decision over Kris Boone of WACO, .

Sophomore Teague Smith is ranked 12th at 160 lbs in the last rankings .Smith rolled to three pins on the night Thursday - two in the first period and a pin in the 2nd period at 3:48 over Washington's Chase Greiner.

Landon Rudd also went 3-0 at 182 lbs Thursday. Rudd had two pins and forfeit. Henry Wiseman at 132, Emmett Kruse at 126, and Ike Thacher wrestling at 195 all went 3-0. Thacher and Henry Wiseman each scored three falls on the night. Kruse had a pin, a 9-0 major decision and a forfeit. Kruse's 17-second pin over Lane Bachman of WACO was the second quickest of the night for Fort Madison. Logan Pennock, who went 2-1 at 120 got WACO's Deacon Bird in just :14.

Complete results from Thursday night are below.

Fort Madison (FOMA) 52.0 Washington (WASH) 18.0
132: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Jude Carter (WASH) (Dec 8-6) 138: Caleb Bolander (FOMA) over Lane Schrock (WASH) (Dec 10-9) 145: Aidan Pennock (FOMA) over (WASH) (For.) 152: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over (WASH) (For.) 160: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Chase Greiner (WASH) (Fall 3:48) 170: Jakob McGowan (FOMA) over Summit Keith (WASH) (Fall 1:41) 182: Landon Rudd (FOMA) over (WASH) (For.) 195: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Curtis Stender (WASH) (Fall 0:58) 220: Colley Billingsly (WASH) over Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) (Dec 4-1) 285: Brayden Hartman (WASH) over Cory Arnett (FOMA) (Fall 1:09) 106: Eddy Rodriguez (WASH) over Gavyn Siemens (FOMA) (Dec 19-14) 113: Aaron Boone (WASH) over Tateum Schelich (FOMA) (Fall 1:15) 120: Logan Pennock (FOMA) over Bryer Billingsly (WASH) (Fall 1:19) 126: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over Jack Kleese (WASH) (MD 9-0) 

Fort Madison (FOMA) 49.0 WACO, Wayland (WACO) 30.0
138: Larz Smith (WACO) over Caleb Bolander (FOMA) (Fall 1:44) 145: Louden Huisenga (WACO) over Aidan Pennock (FOMA) (Fall 3:19) 152: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Braden Spain (WACO) (Fall 0:35) 160: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Alja Eremic (WACO) (Fall 1:02) 170: Jakob McGowan (FOMA) over Kris Boone (WACO) (MD 13-3) 182: Landon Rudd (FOMA) over Cainan Lovan (WACO) (Fall 1:40) 195: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Drew Diers (WACO) (Fall 1:40) 220: Jonah Clark (WACO) over Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) (Fall 1:47) 285: Cory Arnett (FOMA) over Tim Willits (WACO) (TB-1 4-3) 106: Gage Samo (WACO) over Gavyn Siemens (FOMA) (Fall 0:59) 113: John McLaughlin (WACO) over Tateum Schelich (FOMA) (Fall 1:15) 120: Logan Pennock (FOMA) over Deacon Bird (WACO) (Fall 0:14) 126: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over Lane Bachman (WACO) (Fall 0:17) 132: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Junior Quiroz (WACO) (Fall 1:35) 

Fort Madison (FOMA) 57.0 Columbus/WMU/Lone Tree (CCWLT) 21.0
145: Aidan Pennock (FOMA) over Dante Zuniga (CCWLT) (Fall 1:10) 152: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Lane Genkinger (CCWLT) (Fall 0:40) 160: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Gerardo Orozco (CCWLT) (Fall 1:41) 170: Jakob McGowan (FOMA) over (CCWLT) (For.) 182: Landon Rudd (FOMA) over Ethan Palmer (CCWLT) (Fall 1:58) 195: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Markel Zapiensz (CCWLT) (Fall 1:28) 220: Kai Malone (CCWLT) over Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) (Dec 5-1) 285: Russel Coil (CCWLT) over (FOMA) (For.) 106: Gavyn Siemens (FOMA) over Jacob Nelson (CCWLT) (MD 9-0) 113: Ty Scorpil (CCWLT) over Tateum Schelich (FOMA) (Fall 0:51) 120: Lane  Scorpil (CCWLT) over Logan Pennock (FOMA) (Fall 0:21) 126: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over (CCWLT) (For.) 132: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Johnathan Miranda (CCWLT) (Fall 1:45) 138: Caleb Bolander(FOMA) over (CCWLT) (For.) (FOMA unsportsman like conduct -1.0) 


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