New video being assembled to market city



FORT MADISON - A new marketing video featuring Fort Madison businesses, services, and industries is being assembled with a nod to future promotions.

And the best thing is, it has no cost to taxpayers.

Fort Madison Tourism Director Jean Peiton and Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce Director Savanna Collier are making the rounds with videographers from CGI Company out of Rochester, New York this week.

The video will be shot, edited, and produced by the New York media company.

Peiton said the company does promotional videos for communities of certain sizes at no charge and Fort Madison fit the demographics. She said the company contacted Fort Madison City Manager David Varley just as the pandemic was getting into full swing, so the project had to be delayed.

"A couple of months ago, they reconnected with him and he sent it on to me, so Savanna and I were like, 'Yeah we want videos'," Peiton said.

Collier said the whole process has taken less than two months.


'It just went boom, boom, boom just like that with scripts, shots, video, connecting with the company and us trying to figure out what we want to do," Collier said.

She said they will be doing a Fort Madison video, a testimonial video with people talking about the community. There will also be another video looking at economical development and recruiting.

The distribution of the videos will be on the city's and the chamber's website. The company will work with the city for three years and edit and update with changes.

"It's all been so fast. I got a script a week ago. I got the shoot list last Friday and now he's here shooting it," Collier said.

Peiton and Collier are accompanying videographers around for the rest of the week gathering the footage, talking with people about possible testimonials, and talking to businesses.

Sponsorships will be available on the videos. Businesses who purchase sponsorships on the video will also get videos for their own, but the rates have not been set yet.

Collier said she wants to get testimonials from people who've been here a long time, business leaders, and people who are more transient.

Once completed the videos will be uploaded to the Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce, as well as the city's website.

Collier said there may be other places of value to include the video, but that will be determined after the project is completed.

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