Resident questions Avenue E parking ban - Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor;

Along with others who live on Avenue E, I have concerns about banning parking on one side. City Councilman Bowker notes that “safety trumps convenience”. I have to agree, but rather than the safety of our car mirrors, I think it’s the safety of those crossing the street to reach their homes; the safety of the parked cars suffering major damage once cars travel at greater speeds; and, the safety of north-sided property once car speed increases.

The Daily Democrat article on Nov 19th states that traffic was counted from 300 to 1300 Avenue E at an average of 4,078 cars daily. I have to question that data when I realize there are only 11,000 people living in all of Fort Madison. Part of that 11,000 are too young to drive, don’t drive and don’t even own a car. Granted there will be some travelers who don’t live here, but nevertheless the number 4,078 seems astronomically high and, therefore, suspect. Additionally, that data says nothing about the remaining part of Avenue E, which is included in the proposed law.

Secondly, there is some cost to the city in police-time and making/installing street signs even with the money brought in by ticketing illegally parked citizens.

Thirdly, I am not convinced there is a need. In the 5 years I’ve lived on Avenue E I have seen only one accident hitting a car on the north side; no cars were parked on the south side. This is a small town and people have learned to politely travel to accommodate parking. After all, this is Iowa and our streets don’t need to be like Houston accommodating 40mph drivers.

Lin Cramer,
Fort Madison

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