State looking for input on new broadband map

New interactive map lets residents challenge current data on local broadband speeds.


DES MOINES – Today, Governor Reynolds and the Department of Management Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) announced the release of a new broadband map of Iowa, reporting the conditions of broadband availability in accordance with federal grant guidelines at over 1 million locations throughout the state. The public can view the map here. 
Residents can zoom in on the map to actual addresses to find current reported upload/download speeds and challenge that data with the OCIO.
The new map provides a more detailed view than prior maps, identifying the broadband service available at homes and businesses across Iowa as reported by broadband providers. Locations with slower broadband speeds – defined by relevant federal guidelines to be slower than 100 upload/20 download – may be eligible for future grant funding opportunities issued by Governor Reynolds’ Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Program.  
“We are making important progress to connect all Iowans to high-speed broadband, but many communities remain unserved,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Today, I’m asking all Iowans to visit the broadband map and let us know if the broadband service reported at their location is inaccurate. This feedback will help us to direct resources to areas with the greatest need for broadband investment in the future.” 
The publication of the map commences a 30-day challenge process where the public, broadband providers, and communities throughout Iowa can submit information to the OCIO wherever they believe the map incorrectly reports broadband service data.
 Instructions for challenging the map are available here, including videos, guides, and templates to assist members of the public, broadband providers, and communities who wish to submit a challenge. Challengers may also e-mail for assistance and questions.
A broadband project currently underway in Lee County through Danville Telecom and Southeast Iowa Regional and Economic Port Authority will improve access to higher speed broadband, but not until the project, which is in its initial phases, is completed.
Lee County allocated close to $2 million to the $5.5 million project creating a backbone for the high speed network that will reach more than 100 homes and help create a redundant loop for Danville Telecoms local service.


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