Lee County deputies corral motorist in high speed chase


LEE COUNTY – About six law enforcement agencies were involved in the arrest of a homeless man who was trying to elude authorities early Monday afternoon in his vehicle.


The chase ended without injury at about 1:20 p.m. Monday on Hwy 218 near Donnellson and resulted in the arrest of Wade Garret Wagner, 23, listed at homeless on the sheriff’s report.

The chase, which began for the Lee County deputies on Hwy 27 just across the Missouri border, ended when deputies had to wreck the vehicle that was clocked at close to 127 mph going north in the wrong lane of Hwy 27.

“We had to wreck it or he could have killed someone,” said Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber, who at one point was right behind Wagner.

Agencies involved in the chase included Lee County Sheriff, Henry County Sheriff, Van Buren County sheriff, Iowa State Patrol, West Point/Donnellson police, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Weber said LeeComm was instrumental in coordinating the joint effort while all the different agencies were in the county trying to end the chase.

He said Wagner was running from a warrant after he was clocked speeding in Van Buren county.

“I had no idea what this guy had done but I knew he was going really fast so we had to do something. We deployed some stop sticks but he got around them. We have different ones now that help prevent that but we didn’t have too much warning on this he was going so fast.”

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