Local Pothitakis girls bringing warmth to season of giving

Nicole Pothitakis, foreground, and sister Samantha, tie scarves to trees in Central Park on a chilly Saturday afternoon. The two put 40 scarves out on the trees for anyone who may need some warmth this season. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC.


FORT MADISON – Inspired, again by a news broadcast of people helping people, two twin sisters from Fort Madison have taken to providing some warmth this holiday season.

Samantha and Nicole Pothitakis, both sophomores at Holy Trinity Catholic High School, were spotted tying winter scarves around the trees at Central Park Saturday afternoon.

The two purchased the scarves on their own locally and tagged them all with a “Share a Scarf – Wear a Scarf at Central Park” blue ribbon hoping to start a tradition in Fort Madison of giving to those less fortunate than themselves.

Close to 40 scarves were tied up on the trees in Central Park Saturday at around 1:30.

“We actually saw it in another city that had done this before, Samantha said. “We wanted to help the community so the scarves are for the people who are in need – for those who can’t afford coats or gloves. And we though that scarves were a very versatile piece of clothing. If someone knows someone who needs a scarf they can just come get one for them.”

Nicole said they came up with the phrase of the ribbon while they were planning the project.

We came up with it while we were talking about doing this. We just tried to come up with a catchy phrase,” she said.

The girls said they want to keep tabs on the numbers remaining at the park so everyone who needs one can get one.

“We’re gonna keep tabs on this and check to see if we need to bring some more out,” Samantha said. “We’ll just see when they’re taken and come back and put them on the trees.”

The girls said they would probably be checking on them through January.

They also said they’d like to see the program grow in the coming years and possibly expand into other parks.

Tagged scarfs with the “Share a Scarf-Wear A Scarf” tags on them are now hanging in Central Park in Fort Madison for any needing a piece of warm clothing, compliments of Samantha and Nicole Pothitakis, two Holy Trinity sophomores who created the project this year. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC.


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