FM City Manager releases statement on police department misconduct


FORT MADISON – Following media reports on Monday surrounding misconduct claims against members of the Fort Madison Police Department, Fort Madison City Manager David Varley issued the following statement this afternoon.

“Recently the news media reported the City’s Police Department was investigated concerning allegations of misconduct. Some of the statements of Police Chief Tim Sittig quoted in the Democrat gave the wrong impression. The city did, in fact, receive complaints of inappropriate behavior by members of the Police Department. The city takes all such complaints seriously. Written city policy requires an immediate investigation when allegations such as these are made. In this case, at the direction of Mayor Randolph and City Manager Varley, the city immediately commenced an investigation. Following initial interviews by the City Manager, an experienced expert with an employment law background conducted a thorough investigation into all complaints. As with most complaints, some of the allegations were founded, while others were determined to be without merit. The complaining parties were assured that steps were being taken to ensure any substantiated issues were rectified.

The city Manager then carried out all the recommendations of the independent investigator. Disciplinary action was, in fact, taken against certain persons who were determined to have been at fault. Because of confidentiality laws, the city is not at liberty to disclose the details of what personnel actions were taken, or against which employees such actions were taken. However, the city can state that although discipline was imposed, none of the facts rose to the level of termination of an employee. The city has taken all appropriate steps as recommended, and this investigation is now closed. The city will, of course monitor these issues going forward.”



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