Juvenile inmates ransack detention center Monday


MONTROSE – Staff at the Southeast Iowa Juvenile Detention Center in Montrose had to deal with a second incident in less than six weeks involving criminal activity at the center.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies had to respond to an incident Monday at around 9 p.m. LeeComm dispatch sent sheriff’s deputies to the scene, including a K9 officer, and paged out Des Moines Township Fire & Rescue and Montrose Fire & Rescue to the scene to help clear out the air in the center after several fire extinguishers were released as part of the melee.

Iowa State patrol officers also responded to the scene Monday night.

According to chatter over LeeComm radio channels from local law enforcement, one deputy called for fire assistance saying everything was “Ok, but it’s destroyed in here.”

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said a window was broken out and the offender area suffered heavy destruction including the fire extinguishers that were sprayed all over the center.

According to the sheriff’s reports, two of the juveniles were 16- and 14-year old females, one from Burlington and the other from Davenport. The other two involved were 14-year-old males, also from Davenport.

Officials with the Southern Iowa Crime Commission that oversee the operations at the detention center, declined to comment on the incident this morning.

A spokesperson at the commission’s office in Fairfield indicated a press release would be issued later in the day but as of 5 p.m. no release had been issued.

On Jan. 7 of this year, an argument between two correctional officers and a juvenile began before 9 a.m. and the inmates were ordered to their cells as part of lock-down procedures, but two other juveniles disobeyed the order and came back to the day room and a fight broke out between the two officers and the three juveniles.

One of the officers on hand suffered an injury to the head in that incident and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

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